Praised by the editorial board of The New York Times, TNTP Academy has expanded the pipeline of new teachers for critical subject areas while maintaining the highest quality.

Over the past decade, nearly 3,000 teachers have been certified through TNTP Academy nationwide, and they are getting results. TNTP Academy-trained teachers say our program works: In 2010, 89 percent of participants said that TNTP Academy seminars increased their effectiveness in the classroom.

This endorsement is validated by independent research. For four consecutive years, a state-sponsored study of traditional schools of education and alternative teacher-preparation pathways in Louisiana has found that TNTP Academy-trained teachers outperform even experienced teachers in raising student achievement in several core subjects. In 2011, TNTP Academy-trained teachers outperformed new and experienced teachers in math, English language arts and science, while equaling or outperforming other new teachers in social studies in reading. In fact, for the past two years, TNTP Academy-trained math teachers achieved a positive impact on student learning that may even outweigh the disadvantages of poverty.

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