Teaching in DC

What subject and grade levels will I teach through TNTP Academy? 
Our participants can teach in early childhood education, elementary education, English, math, science, Spanish, or special education.

Where do TNTP Academy teachers teach?
Our participants teach in DC public and public charter schools. Participants will receive information about hiring from their partner program.

When will I start teaching? 
Participants who successfully complete pre-service training with one of TNTP Academy’s partner programs and secure full-time positions will officially start teaching on the date that all new teachers are required to report to that district or school.

I don’t have a degree in teaching, but I’d like to teach. Am I eligible? 
Yes, you are eligible for TNTP Academy. As TNTP Academy only enrolls and certifies teachers who are actively enrolled in a partner program, visit our partner programs' websites to learn more about how to apply.

About TNTP Academy

Can you tell me more about TNTP Academy? 
TNTP Academy is a state-approved, alternate-route certification provider. We provide training and certification for new teachers across D.C. We only enroll and certify teachers who have completed the application, selection and hiring process with one of our partner programs.

What are TNTP Academy’s partner programs? 
TNTP Academy works in partnership with several selective partner programs.

License and Certification

Will I receive a state teaching license? 
During your first year of teaching, you will work under a Regular I License. After successful completion of TNTP Academy, you will be eligible to receive a Regular II License, which is the standard certificate in the District of Columbia.

How much does it cost to apply for a license? 
OSSE charges a fee of $50.00 to apply for a Regular I License and $50.00 for a Regular II License. These fees are not covered in your tuition.

What is the difference between being certified and highly qualified? 
When you are certified in a subject area, you have taken the Praxis tests in that area, received specialized training in that area, and hold a state-issued license in that area. You can be highly qualified to teach in a subject area before you receive certification, if you are actively participating in an alternate certification program such as TNTP Academy.

How do I get certified in more than one area? 
Once you are eligible for, or have received, your Regular II License, you are eligible to take additional required Praxis tests to apply for a license endorsement to add an additional certification area to your license.

How long does it take to get certified through TNTP Academy? 
Teachers must demonstrate effectiveness within the first two years in the classroom to be eligible for certification. Teachers who demonstrate effectiveness after the first year of teaching by meeting all TNTP Academy program requirements are eligible for licensure after just one year.


How much is TNTP Academy tuition? 
TNTP Academy tuition for the 2011-2012 school year is $4000.00. TNTP Academy offers participants the option to pay in full, or to pay tuition over the course of the year.

Where does my tuition go? 
TNTP Academy is a non-profit organization. Your tuition goes to the operating costs of the program, which include, but are not limited to the curricular materials and trained seminar leaders who specialize in the areas in which TNTP Academy offers training and certification.